Lazy Sunday

Now, every one knows that there is nothing better in life than having a lazy sunday. But how many lazy sundays can you have before it becomes a little, well, boring? Here's a list of some things you could try to kick your lazy sunday blues away..
1. Whip up a storm! Knick down to your local grocery shop and get all the essentials for a quick and easy chocolate cupcake recipe. Put your fave playlist on and dance away your afternoon in the kitchen. And let's face it, the end result is awesome! I mean, who doesn't like choccie cupcakes?!
2. Make a sugar scrub. It's quick and easy and your skin will be thanking you later. Add 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 1 & 1/2 cups of plain white sugar, and a handful of your favourite coloured rose petals to a blending machine and whiz away until your scrub forms before your eyes. I think these are also really cute homemade gift ideas!
3. Get lost in a book. I think this one speaks for it self. For me there is nothing better than diving into someone elses imagination and seeing what they can come up with.
4. A little exercise never hurt anyone. Go for a calming walk around the local park or even just walk to the cute cafe around the corner for an afternoon coffee pick-me-up.