As usual I've been quite absent on my blog for the past month or so... okay who am I kidding it's more like 2 or 3! BUT... given that I've had exams, moving home from the city, my birthday AND Christmas, I'm sure you can understand I've been a little busy! 

As it is the day after Christmas, I just wanted to stop by here and wish everyone a safe and festive holiday season, and all the best for the new year ahead of us. I hope your day was spent yesterday with friends and family, and you felt every last bit of love that surrounds you! 

I'm trying to get myself back in order and will be posting some updates, awesome content and may even be having a give away for my Bloglovin subscribers in VERY near future 🙈

Until then, make sure to stay in the loop by following my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Love always, Jem x