Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

As most of you know, Kylie Cosmetics has recently taken the world by storm first with their gorgeous lip kits and followed soon after with a range of different cosmetic products and more being released constantly. The famous Kylie Jenner has worked hard on a wide shade range, with tones to suit pretty much anyone! So I figured, like every other person on the planet if the crazy fast sell outs are anything to go by, that I would grab a couple and test them out for myself. 

The two that I nabbed were one of the originals, Koko K – a nude/pink/mauve colour, and one of the newer shades, Ginger – a warm toned light brown. Each lip it cost roughly $33 in AUD, and with shipping the total was roughly $93.00 AUD all up. So do I think they are worth the money? …

Absolutely!! Both shades were very complimentary to my skin tone, which was relieving after paying almost $100 for them. Normally I wouldn’t be able to justify spending that amount of money on a make-up product but for the quality, it was worth every penny.

Both colours were so opaque, the lip liner that comes in the kit with the liquid lipstick was almost unnecessary. They are comfortable to wear and don’t feel crazy drying on the lips. And although the smell is very sweet and some would say almost sickly, it doesn’t take long for the smell to dissipate.

Of the two, Koko K is more of an everyday nude for me, and Ginger is a shade I love to wear when going out as it compliments my current glam make-up perfectly!

I think that if these lip kits were made available in Sephora or Mecca, or something other than the website – their own store even! – then it would be far more justifiable to pay $33 a pop for the kit. Other than that, these lip kits are pretty much perfection on your lips and the packaging looks really cute in your make up display.

If you want to check out what colours are available and see what other cool products they sell at Kylie Cosmetics, you can check them out here
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