Favourite Skin Care Products

Keeping up with a regular skin care routine is something I have often struggled with. It never really sunk in, how important it actually was since noticing how dry and terrible my skin looked.
I've tried a couple of different products over the past few months trying to find something that will help, but is still relatively cheap for my travellers budget. I tried face scrubs, toners, masks and cleansers from the body shop, lush, simple, etc. Although I had small results - that were at the time very big - I never really had any breakthrough success. I recently picked up a few Nivea products however, that have blown my mind at how fast they work and how well they treat my skin.
The first product is the double-effect eye make up remover. Now, I actually use this on my whole face as I feel it is super effective. I love how smoothly it all wipes off, although I will admit I do have to give my eyes a bit of a rub because Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara is a little hard to get off! But all in all I love it.
The second product by Nivea is the Soothing Cleansing Mousse. I usually use this after I take off my make-up to make sure my skin is oil and dirt free before I moisturise. While I love how smooth is leaves my skin, I love the refreshing smell and how much more confident I feel in my skin after I use it!

All my love, Jem. x