Daytrip To Disneyland!

When in London, you can't resist the temptation of slipping off to Paris for the day. I was originally told that this was something that everyone first thought would happen when they moved to England, but it would never actually happen - so, my competitive side took it as a prime opportunity to prove everyone wrong. Obviously.

Unfortunately the trip didn't start off as planned with us turning up at the security check in the airport only to realize we had turned up for our flight a day early! A very embarrassing yet incredibly funny story, and of course, unforgettable! We took it as an opportunity to plan our route more carefully and had a smooth run with take two the next morning. A plane ride and a delayed train ride later, we arrived and all I can say is WOW! There is not a single thing about Disneyland Paris that I didn't fall in love with. True to the rumors, our day was truly magical!


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A/N: Just a small thank you to my partner in crime for the day (and most other days) ZJ, the trip would not have been as great if it had not been for you!