Cuppa Tea & Chat Time #2

It's officially been a year. A year of living in my old home, with my old friends and with my old habits kicking in full swing. It's been one whole year since the craziest adventure of my entire life. It's been a bloody long year since I left my heart and soul in a city I'm not sure I'll ever be lucky enough to return to. It's been one year, since I called London my home... 
And it's got me thinking you know. Back then I had it pretty damn good - I had a job that I really enjoyed, I lived in a bustling city that provided me with never ending opportunities, I had a great family base around me - even if they weren't blood they still did the trick, I was healthy and happy and I straight up loved life.

Then I moved back home and for a while I was so lost I couldn't even work out what day it was. I fell back into terrible habits that I thought I had grown up and kicked away. I struggled to fit back in with my friends, because as much as my life and myself in general had drastically changed, it was apparent that for them not much really had. I couldn't bare the initial conversation when I had my first catch up with everyone, where people wanted me to tell them everything. What was I meant to say? It wasn't a holiday for me, it was just my life. Even being at the airport when I first moved, and getting on the plane, arriving in London - all of it, it never felt like anything over than my normal, average, everyday life. I couldn't explain what had happened everyday for two years. To come home and have to try and build a life again was hard was hard enough. So all I was really doing was existing, and barely coping with it if I'm honest.

And so I'm sitting here reflecting on whether or not the past year has been as good as the one before and well no, it hasn't. But it has been necessary. Being as lost as I was made me realize that what I had for myself before I left for London was 100% not what I wanted for myself in my future. I wanted to live and succeed at it. And I still want that. 

So what have I done for the past year? Well for starters I got accepted into a pre med course, a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Victoria University - and although it's so ridiculously hard and challenging, I am loving it. I moved to Melbourne - which I am enjoying a lot. I have made a cray amount of new friends - most of which I think I'd like to keep around for a fair while longer if that's okay with them! I got a job, and somehow manage to fit it in with my full time degree. 

So yeah, I've had a pretty decent 12 months. But will it ever be as good as the previous? Probably not, no. But I'm proud of what I've achieved and who I have become. Melbourne certainly isn't anything like London, but it'll do me for now until I can work out how to get a visa and go back to retrieve the piece of my heart I left behind. 

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Lot's of love, Jem x