What has my Eurotrip taught me?

Some people think that your twenties are meant for either getting yourself a full time job, enrolling in full time study at university or equivalent, settling down with that someone special and generally just getting your life together. Well, I tried that. And turns out it's not for me right now. So instead I booked a one way ticket to London and have been spending the past year basing my self in the always sunny England and tripping off around Europe whenever I so feel like it!
So here you have my top tips for becoming a pro traveller:
1. Money belts. And no, I don't mean a fanny pack! Money belts are a classier version of the ever famous fanny pack that is hidden under your clothing. Although you may want to keep a wallet on you as well, in case of any sticky situations. You can just calmly hand the wallet over and avoid any hassles.
2. Ear Plugs. I honestly believe these are the greatest gift on earth. You never know when you'll get caught on a plane with a screaming 6 month old practically sitting in your lap. My advice is stash them in every nook and cranny you can find, you can thank me later.
3. Keep a diary. I know it sounds like a chore to some, but trust me. Especially in Europe where places are so close together, you can go through so many countries in such a short space of time, that you often forget where you were and what happened the day before. Writing it down will help keep the memories alive a little longer, and be a cool keepsake of your trip.
4. Sarongs. Multifunctional and light weight, sarongs are perfect for travelling. Used as a scarf, a make shift towel, and emergency bandage or dare I say it, a sarong.. this is a must for everyone.

5. See the Sunrise. As often as you possibly can. The earlier you get up, the more time in your day and the more your can see and experience. Plus, tell me something more amazing that watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean Sea? Didn't think so.