Is comfort food really that comforting?

I have always been a plus size girl. And as one would imagine, I've done my fair share of comfort food eating. When that time of the month rolled around, or I had a stressful week at work, issues with friends and family or basically anything that gave me an excuse, I was always the first person in the supermarket buying 3 different packs of crisps, 2 blocks of chocolate, a jar of nutella and maybe a block of cheese just for a savoury option. This may seem like an over exaggeration but I was a big girl who bought big amounts of everything and unfortunately it's not a word of a lie. I'd always go too far with junk food and end up in a food coma feeling awful and embarrassed that I'd actually just consumed so much food. This is something I'm proud to say I literally cannot do anymore. I've been training my body to deal with smaller portions and since eating healthier and cleaner, I have begun to feel a little sick if I have more than a few pieces of chocolate for example. Since my switch to a healthier lifestyle, I've worked out some replacements for all those food items that I once craved and devoured most of in one sitting.
Instead of desserts after dinner or any sweets, chocolate or snacks, I've made sure to always have fresh berries and more notably blueberries, in the front section of my refrigerator so that when I go searching for more food to snack on, it's the first thing I find. Blueberries contain vitamin K, vitamin C, fibre, manganese and other antioxidants that help to up the body's nutrient intake. Other fruits are also a good option as you are providing your body with the sugar it craves, however you are feeding it natural sugars which the body can more easily break down and use to it's advantage.
Although my budget is not exactly through the roof, I make sure that I include enough money on the side to always keep my fruit levels stocked - I'm in a routine now and know I'm getting fresh fruit to fix my sweet tooth, and surprisingly I look forward to it!
All my love, Jem. x