Thy end is near

Well, you heard it here first folks, I've finally worked out my final date and have booked my ticket home! I've been in London for over a year now and still feel like a stranger to some parts of the city. So I figured, what better way to see all my friends before I go than to go exploring and do everything even remotely touristy with them before I leave and never see them again!! - Okay, that was slightly dramatic but your get the drift. Below is my top 10 things I want to do before my clock stops ticking and time is officially up!
1. Go to a British Summertime Event.
2. Spend a Sunday afternoon in Brick Lane.
3. Go on the London Eye.
4. Visit the white sandy beach in Ruislip forest.
5. Go to the Southwark book markets.
6. See Wicked the musical.
7. Have a picnic in Primrose Hill.
8. See Kensington Palace.
9. Get lost in Harrods for a whole day.
10. Soak it all in and enjoy myself.
Til' next time, Jem. x