11 ways to tell she's not just your bestie, she's your soul sister!

She's the one who makes you laugh just that little harder until you cry, she's the one who knows all your deepest secrets and the one who you know will be there for you no matter what. Simply put, she's the Serena to your Blair.

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She's not just your best-friend, she's your soul sister and here's how to tell her apart (if you couldn't already)!

1. She always somehow manages to surprise you. 
Whether its by continually coming up with the most ridiculous things to say or doing something sweet for you on your birthday - she's full of them and always manages to keep you on your toes! 

2. You share the same guilty pleasures. 
And you now she won't tell anyone because it's just your thing now. No matter how bad you feel afterwards you know there is someone else doing the exact same thing. 

3. Silence is golden. 
You guys can hang out for hours and barely even say two words to each other. You are more than happy to be in each others company, words are irrelevant anyway. 

4. You lend each other you last on hand hair ties. 
When in need, help a sister out! Every girl knows that this is the ULTIMATE act of friendship. If you can find a friend who will give you her last hair tie, you've found a keeper. And of course, bonus points if she gives you the one she's wearing!

5. You hate the same people. 
If she hates someone, it would be rude of you not to hate them too. And even when they forgive them, you know you'll always hold a little grudge because at one point in time that person made your bestie mad. 

6. You've already started mentally collecting memories for your Maid of Honour speech. 
It would be rude NOT to mention that time she fell over in front of her crush, or said something that made absolutely no sense in front of someone really important, wouldn't it?!

7. You have so many inside jokes, you can barely keep track. 
When other people try and make out like they are also best friend's with your soul-sis, you know all you have to say is one inside joke and you'll automatically win. Isn't that why inside jokes exist anyway? To use against all other potential bestie poachers?! Well either way they are just as entertaining 10 years down the track as they were when you first made them.

8. You don't care if she comes over and your room is a mess. 
You know hers is probably just as bad, if not worse anyway. Plus if she's a true friend maybe she'll even offer to help clean it up? Maybe.

9. You don't need to contact each other to maintain your friendship, it just happens. 
You could go hours, days, weeks, even months with out talking or seeing each other (anything more might be pushing it) but you know she's just a phone call away and the second you need her she'll be by your side no matter how far away she is.

10. She's more than just a friend to you anyway.
You can't choose your family, but if you could you know she'd be at the top of your list.

11. Lastly, and most importantly, you'd give 11 reasons why she's not just your bestie, she's your soul sister, because that's her favorite number.