22 Things I Love

Since I've been home and having some down time before a crazy year of study begins next year, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what makes me happy and what all the small things I love about my life are. 
Credit: Pinterest

I recently turned 22, (cue Taylor Swift fans to start singing - or I did at least) so in no particular order, written below is 22 things I love.

1. Brunch. My favorite meal of the day. You can never have a bad day when you start it with bacon! 
2. Travelling. As far and as wide as my bank account will allow. Check out some of my blog post's on my most recent trips here
3. Caramel Latte's. They remind me of sitting in cafe's people watching and taking walks through the park in fall. Basically they make me feel all warm and cozy and reminiscent inside! 
4. Coconut and vanilla scented candles. A match made in heaven. 
5. Ice cold water on a hot Summer's day. 
6. Chocolate ripple cake on Christmas. It wouldn't be an Aussie Chrissie without it! 
7. Books, books and more books. I've never been seen anywhere without a book handy to pick up at any spare minute I have - especially when our annual Summer beach holiday rolls around. Check out one of my favorite books here.
8. Well mannered people. Nothing makes me happier than when people have common courtesy and are at the very least polite. 
9. Fireworks. You can't be unhappy where fireworks are concerned. 
10. My crazy family. They rive me nuts, but you know, I'm kinda stuck with them. 
11. Chocolate cupcakes. Ahhh, my weakness. Put one (preferably more than) of those in front of me, blink and you'll swear it disappeared just like magic! 
12. Christmas. Give me one good reason why not. 
13. London. My most favorite city in the world. 
14. Singing and dancing like a crazy lady in my car. Bonus points for getting caught at traffic lights!
15. Warm fluffy towels in winter. 
16. A good skincare routine that actually works for my skin. 
17. Making lists. Meet the most unorganized person in the world who plans everything
18. Gold sparkles and glitter. I know, I'm such a girl!
19. Laughing until I cry. Or laughing so hard I've convinced myself I actually have abs. 
20. Instagram. My obsession is ever growing and increasingly scary. Follow me here.
21. My amazing friends, who continue to support me, even when I'm being irrational and crazy. 
22. My life. All the people, the opportunities, the adventures. Everything about it. 

What makes you happy? I dare you to write it down. It will only make you think about what you really love about your life and appreciate it even more. 

Love, Jem x