Greek Island Paradise: Mykonos!

Well, what really is there to say about Mykonos? Such a gorgeous island with so much to see and do. To be honest, while I would love to say I did all sorts of different things here, all I really did was...

spend my time quad biking and getting lost around the island, sunbathe on Paragas Beach, sip white wine sangrias and eat WAY too many gyros - my fave! If you do happen to be one of the lucky ones who find themselves on this island, make sure to head into the cute town and see the famous windmills, and of course keep a look out for Petros the Pelican, who may come and try to steal your lunch. If you are more of a party goer, then make sure to check out Paradise Beachfront at night where you'll find some really cool bars and clubs. Here are some photo's from my trip:

All my love, Jem x